Get the 1.24.0 release as bz2 (PGP signature) (md5, sha1, sha512) or xz (PGP signature) (md5, sha1, sha512) .

Below is some semblance of the release notes:

An upgrade procedure for configurations created in the previous release of crosstool-NG has been introduced with this release.

MacOS is not officially supported in this release.

Support for Alpine Linux as a host is experimental and is known to break in many configurations (particularly, *-linux-gnu): GLIBC fails to compile on a host using MUSL C library when it tries to create some helper applications to run on the build machine.

CentOS 6 and 7, while still supported, are known to break with recent GDB releases as they require a modern C++ compiler. The G++ included in CentOS 6/7 distributions does not satisfy GDB requirements. Also, “Build and install locales” option in GLIBC cannot be used on CentOS 6/7 build machines: this option requires GLIBC to built for the build machine, and recent GLIBC releases fail to compile on CentOS 6/7.