Reporting issues and wishlist items

Please report all the issues with building or using the toolchain at the project site on GitHub.

Make sure that the report includes the following:

  • the version of crosstool-NG you are using as reported by ct-ng version;
  • the host OS, including the version;
  • for MacOS, also indicate whether you are using Homebrew or Macports (and list the packages installed)
  • the .config file you are using (unless it is an unmodified sample that ships with crosstool-NG - in which case you can just state the name of the sample configuration);
  • the build.log file that is produced, if applicable (i.e. unless crosstool-NG fails before the ct-ng build step).

If crosstool-NG breaks during the ct-ng build phase, please retry using a ct-ng build.1 command. If it also fails, please attach the build.log from ct-ng build.1 run (this command forces a non-parallel build, so the build takes longer but the log file is much easier to read). If ct-ng build fails but ct-ng build.1 succeeds, please attach both build.log files.

Please attach any files, do not paste them into the issue description.

Mailing list

The mailing list is at Archive and subscription info can be found here:

International Relay Chat (IRC)

Use channel #crosstool-ng on Libera.Chat (

Deprecation policy

Starting with the 1.23 release, the following package version deprecation policy is in effect:

  1. The packages are not removed until they have been marked OBSOLETE for one release.
  2. The packages that are marked OBSOLETE will likely be removed in the next release. A special policy applies to the Linux and GNU libc versions: the versions used by still supported major releases from distributions (CentOS, Ubuntu) are kept until the End-Of-Life date of the respective release.
  3. If you feel that a certain version of a package needs to be retained, please file an issue at the project site on GitHub and describe the reason. Due to limited manpower the project has, it is not guaranteed though.

In general, this means if you need to use particular versions of packages, you’re likely stuck with a particular version of crosstool-NG as well. They might stop working at some time, unfortunately (the host compiler version can change after an upgrade, resulting in build errors; or the download URLs may go invalid; etc). Again, due to limited manpower, we don’t generally do dot-releases (e.g. 1.22.1). If you really need a certain version of crosstool-NG to work, please consider stepping up to maintaining that branch.