This section comes from crosstool-NG author, Yann Morin. Now that crosstool-NG uses Git (and previously used Mercurial), each contribution is attributed to its author, so this file will probably not be updated anymore.

I would like to thank these fine people for making crosstool-NG possible:

Dan Kegel, the original author of crosstool:

  • Dan was very helpful and willing to help when I build my first toolchains. I owe him one. Thank you Dan! Some crosstool-NG scripts have code snippets coming almost as-is from the original work by Dan.

And in order of appearance on the mailing list:

Allan Clark:

  • Allan made extensive tests of the first alpha of crosstool-NG on his MacOS-X, and unveiled some bash-2.05 weirdness.

Enrico Weigelt:

  • some improvements to the build procedure
  • cxa_atexit disabling for C libraries not supporting it (old uClibc)
  • misc suggestions (restartable build, …)
  • get rid of some bashisms in ./configure
  • contributed OpenRISC or32 support

Robert P. J. Day:

  • some small improvements to the configurator, misc prompting glitches
  • ‘sanitised’ patches for binutils-2.17
  • patches for glibc-2.5
  • misc patches, typos and eye candy
  • too many to list any more!

Al Stone:

  • initial ia64 support
  • some cosmetics

Szilveszter Ordog:

  • a uClibc floating point fix
  • initial support for ARM EABI

Mark Jonas:

  • initiated Super-H port

Michael Abbott:

  • make it build with ancient findutils

Willy Tarreau:

  • a patch to glibc to build on ‘ancient’ shells
  • reported mis-use of $CT_CC_NATIVE

Matthias Kaehlcke:

  • fix building glibc-2.7 (and 2.6.1) with newer kernels

Daniel Dittmann:

  • PowerPC support

Ioannis E. Venetis:

  • preliminary Alpha support
  • intense gcc-4.3 brainstorming

Thomas Jourdan:

  • intense gcc-4.3 brainstorming
  • eglibc support

Konrad Eisele:

Many others have contributed, either in form of patches, suggestions, comments, or testing… Thank you to all of you!

Special dedication to the buildroot people for maintaining a set of patches I happily and shamelessly vampirize from time to time.