If you are using crosstool-NG and find it useful, drop us an email and we’ll put your review here!

  • 2008/08/26, Chris Hinshaw

    Thank you for making a non-trivial task simple. CT-NG is an excellent tool and extremely easy to use. I have been using it to create toolchains for the 405 and it is an unbelievable time saver. Very well designed and implemented.

  • 2008/09/15, Peter Wippich

    First of all thanks for the nice work. I successfully build a arm9tdmi toolchain (after some minor problems) with gcc4.2.2 / glibc2.6.

  • 2008/10/23, Nye Liu

    Thanks for your reponse. Let me just say… i am VERY happy with crosstool-ng so far, thank you so much the time and effort you spent on it, it is simply awesome.

  • 2008/11/23, Дмитрий Барский

    We are successfully using your crosstol-ng for creating small embedded gnu/linux distribution, that we use in ticket selling terminal, slot machines, online pay terminals and probably will use somewhere else. We’ve tried a lot of similar tools, but only this one has clear and user friendly documentation, and is very easy in use.

  • 2009/01/31, Vincent Sanders

    Firstly I would like to say thanks for your excellent tool, saves me a lot of time and effort. We use it to generate the cross compielrs for the ARM linux Linux Kernel autobuilder: http://armlinux.simtec.co.uk/kautobuild/

  • 2009/02/23, Kim B. Heino

    Our company has been using crosstool-NG for some time now. Thanks for great toolchain builder! Before crosstool-NG we used our own builder.

  • 2009/07/10, Johns Daniel

    Thank you very much for crosstool-ng! Certainly, a very useful tool for building cross-compilers.

  • 2013/01/16, Jérôme Bardon

    We have been using crosstool-NG consistently in our company over 2 years to produce cross-toolchains for x86_64 targets. These toolchains have compiled milions of lines of code so far without any problem.